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The other side of this journey is going to be one heck of a ride

Collaborate Global is fortunate that remote working has always been in our DNA, whilst we struggle with no physical connection time with our colleagues and partners we have been able to take the work place changes in our stride, and kids and dogs have always been welcome to make an appearance on our internal calls.

We are continuing to work with our internal sites, maintaining limited but vital services to key clients with our storage facilities being utilised for current projects which have additional capacity to assist where needed. We continue to remain supportive and aligned to our extended network of suppliers, freelancers and production partners – ensuring continuity throughout this process with live projects and making certain we are all in a strong position to respond to our beloved industry’s needs once we have started coming out of these current measures.

We are looking to utilise some of our newly found resource capacity by fine-tuning our internal processes, volunteering with local service providers where possible and most importantly taking time to be with our immediate families. As impactful as this is, we won’t ever be as time rich – learning the guitar, Japanese, fence painting and barbequing are just some of the personal quests the team are undertaking.

Social media is currently awash with updates, stances and responses. Talk of pivoting, and the need to change with the new future of marketing and experiential activations.

Rather than adding to this, our message is simple, we are planning for a stronger Collaborate, willing and able to assist in our usual direct and creative style.

Feel free to get in touch during the following weeks, we are here to add value and bounce ideas off as per normal.

New Dawn