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We were activating at AliveX – a networking event for people within the events industry. We challenged ourselves to make people feel true emotions, fear and enjoyment in a 2 minute activation.  


We created a VR experience that combined the virtual world with real life. We built a real lift with sliding doors and light up interior and used real props that matched the VR experience. This was built, designed and installed by the team.

creating alive

People cried, people laughed and people truly enjoyed themselves. The moment the VR experience reached the top of the lift and the guests thought they were 80 stories up, they were truly terrified. We expanded on this by having real fans and using a real plank that matched the one they were seeing in there virtual view. The women smashed it, the men weren’t as good.. we loved watching it unfold. 

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The exfearience by Collaborate Global

the exfearience

Exfearience user Collaborate Global
Exfearience User, Collaborate Global

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