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Virgin Media Tactical Units


Kick-start: “better go again”
Client: Virgin Media
Production: Tactical Units


“You are only as good as your last job” they say. That’s why at Collaborate Global we insist on Kick-start being a valuable process in our day to day operations, continually looking to improve on current successes, in order to deliver best in class results on the next project.

This is epitomised through our relationship with Virgin Media who have worked with the team for years, and when given the opportunity to redesign a tactical unit to be used across multiple retail spaces with short term leases, we utilised learnings and affected the design accordingly.

We ensured that each unit was easy to install, store and move, and able to be as reactive to business needs in terms of deployment.The design was both ergonomic and stylish, grabbing attention and packed full of digital CTA’s, whilst also being robust and on budget.

“Collaborate Global offer us a truly full-circle of services, from design, to manufacture, to installation and the de-rig. With our new mall kiosks, we wanted something that was instantly recognisable for the Virgin brand that would create intrigue and visibility from a distance. Within any shopping centre it’s so important that they look completely different to anything else out there. Also, when we built this new kiosk, we needed to consider the right storage and usable space to provide the right environment for our kiosk staff. We’ve got a fantastic long term relationship with Collaborate Global and I like that we ‘get each other’. I enjoy working with them.”

Claire Dew – Retail Property & Tactical Manager

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