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Working in partnership with Wonderland, we were tasked to launch Rita Ora’s single ‘How to Be Lonely’ with an immersive experience like no other. Exclusively for media and Rita’s biggest fans,  we needed to bring her single to life with a walk through of her music video and an exclusive listen to the track.


We helped take the composition of the video and turn it into a tangible and immersive event that fans could really see, feel and hear. We took an empty space and with false walls created different environments within each room. –  Each scene was translated with props, from stretched fabric neon walls, giant cracked eggs and even a corridor that warped with view.

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We ensured every touchpoint throughout the journey was an experience in itself. Focusing heavily on the attention to detail and working with our partners we really brought each space to life in a way that no other fan event had done before. Teasing the music track so that it culminated in the final viewing showcase and subsequently the meet and greet with Rita herself, we built up anticipation and excitement through each of the spaces. Fans and media eagerly travelled through the event, with something wow-worthy around every corner.

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Rita Ora How To Be Lonely Experience

behind the scenes - rita ora music video

Rita Ora Music Video
Rita Ora Music Video

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