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Create a compelling documentary alongside Randox Health to showcase brainwave activity in stressful sporting situations.


To bring this idea to life, the Collaborate content team went overseas to Northern Ireland and captured video at Randox Health’s head office.  We also created vox pop videos with Dr Ben from Sensum (a technology sport activity measuring company). The content team recorded again at the Goodwood track, this time with Mark Webber and Rory Reid. This was all subsequently edited and distributed back to the TV network for upload.

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Rory Reid vs Mark Webber racing around the Goodwood track in one of the world’s fastest electric cars gave an incredible insight into how mere mortals compare against elite athletes when it comes to stressful situations. A unique, inside look into the car while Mark was roaring around the track and observing his brain activity live as an overlay on the screen left for some intense viewing.

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