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the exfearience

collaborate global’s exfearience

We hosted our first indoor activation in a long while in partnership with Mash Media at Alive-X in London recently.

We wanted to bring something to Alive-X that put guests in the world that we strive to create for our clients. We wanted people who interacted with Collaborate Global to feel truly alive. So we created ‘The Exfearience’.

what is ‘the exfearience’

Well, what can we tell you.. that is all part of the mystery. We purposefully designed the build to allow for noise to pass over the top, but for other guests not to be able to see what was happening behind the wall. This meant that you could hear screams and shouts throughout the room with the occasional ‘OH F*** THAT’.

Guests would enter into the lift from the front entrance and be set up with their VR headset. Once the headset was on, the back doors would close and the front doors would open. Guests would not have a clue that the front door was open and that they were suddenly in there alone.

As the VR experience reached its pinnacle point for each guest, the doors in the game would open, just as the doors in real life did. They were then on their own.

The whole process was designed, built, installed and managed by Collaborate Global.


The Collaborate Global Exfearience

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