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Open Letter to the Creative Production Industry

When I first started at Collaborate, coming from a Production House background, a number of my former colleagues, industry connections and friends couldn’t particularly understand where we stood in the marketplace. Naturally, it could be assumed that clients wouldn’t understand the value that Collaborate could bring to any project if we were seen as a middle-man, and on that basis, we probably wouldn’t succeed in this space.

I’m pleased to say this hasn’t been the case, in fact, these misplaced assumptions are proving to be our super-power. Positioning ourselves as ‘Production & Agency’ has received a very positive response from our clients, suppliers and partners. Not only from Brands coming to us direct, but also from more traditional agency clients, who value the expertise we bring through our ‘Spark collective’ model.

So, what you may ask is my ‘open letter to the creative production industry’. It’s simple really, it’s our message to this industry we love, that ‘there is always another way!’. Breaking traditions can often be seen as unnecessary disruption or unwelcome change – but what if it provides a better journey for all involved – this has to be the ‘solution lead’ approach we’re all looking for.

For example, surely it makes sense for our partners and clients to work together from the outset, every time. Placing all the right people in the room brings huge efficiencies in time, cost and encourages relationships to develop. We believe that Brand and Agency clients should be able to enjoy industry-leading techniques, products and services, and when working on projects together, common goals are better achieved when they are not agenda bias from all parties involved.

We ask the question; If you think that your current supplier does everything in house – you are likely to be sadly mistaken. In truth, you probably wait a lot longer for a response or an accurate cost for your project. In this regard, we believe it’s better to promote the fact that we don’t own our own production facility, nor do we have the overheads of a factory, 50+ employees. For us, this transparency means we select the best methodology to deliver any given project, thus being more reactive and more cost-effective – and better connected.

I think the one thing we can all agree on, is that the ‘the proof is always in the pudding’, and you are only as good as your last job. Cost and time efficiencies mean nothing if quality and relationships are compromised. This stark realisation is a constant reminder to us all that ‘change culture’ is only truly achieved if the client is with you along the journey – done well, it’s one hell of a ride..!

I finish my article with a message of optimism and progression. We owe it to our industry to promote transformation and change by demonstrating its real effect. In fact, it’s our obligation to share this message with our clients, peers and partners. Indeed, on a personal note, we are really looking forward to sharing what we are working on now and over the coming months with you all.

To that end, if you feel that you fancy a change, and would like to engage a forward-thinking, production led agency, we’d love to hear from you. If you are still keen on using the same supplier because they do it ‘all in house’ I wish you all the best.