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enhancing a hybrid event: the goodwood story

how to enhance experiences for a hybrid event

In this article we unravel how we elevated the experience for viewers of the virtual Goodwood Speedweek . How we added value for the viewers watching at home and what you can do when planning an event to enhance the experience for online viewers.

Collaborate Global have been long standing friends with the amazing team at Goodwood, so when they called us up to help with their Speedweek broadcast that was taking place virtually this year, we knew we had to bring something interesting to the table.

The concept of Speedweek was to merge action packed racing, with interesting content pieces and the cherry on top – to bring in the viewers at home and let them engage with the content as close as possible through the screen.

So we worked with the Goodwood team on 2 parts of that puzzle.

Collaborate Global Content Team Standing next too luxury super cars

creating content for online viewers

Working with Goodwood’s lead sponsor Randox Health we were tasked to create an interesting feature that merged both the science and racing world.

So, what did we do?

Well strapping a brain wave monitor to world renowned F1 driver Mark Webber certainly seemed like an interesting place to start.

Mark Webber driving Porsche
Mark Webber driving Porsche

Working with the talented Dr Ben from Sensum

we captured the content and also the brain activity as both Mark Webber and Rory Reid shot round the track in Porsche’s fastest electric car.

Dr Ben from Sensum
Randox Scientist Talking To Collaborate Filming Crew

This unique field of science is used to help train elite athletes to understand what causes their adrenaline to peak and how they can utilise this to perform at their best.

The Collaborate

team went to Northern Ireland to visit Randox Health and captured video content in their laboratory, as well as capturing all the content on the day at Speedweek.

enhancing experience for online viewers

Working alongside Sennheiser

, the Collaborate team were tasked to rig live 360 video and sound feeds to showcase their AMBEO Immersive binaural sound capabilities at static points beside the race track, and also capturing onboard footage. Whilst the Ford Mustang Mach E was the talk of the event, we managed to bring the online audience closer to the action from the comfort of their homes.

Electric Ford Drift Car Being Fitted with 360 sound and visuals

The aim of this piece of work was to give the viewers at home an experience that they wouldn’t forget. To give them an experience that they wouldn’t be able to get even if they were at the track.

As always, the Collaborate team were on hand, working safely and securely alongside the Goodwood team to bring this dream to life. You may have seen drifting, but not like this.

Sennheiser employee using hand sanitiser at Goodwood speed week
Sennheiser employee setting up the Ford Drift car for Goodwood speed week

The final piece to the 360 sound and audio puzzle was fitting the rigs to the actual race track. So when the drift cars came roaring around corners and carved just inches away from the sensors, the viewers at home could hear the cars engine scream as it hurtled past them live.

This included a 1 day set up and a collective of individuals from the Sennheiser and Collaborate team. We were incredibly happy with the outcome.

Covid has forced everyone indoors, but that doesn’t mean that virtual experiences have to be boring. We will still be pushing the boundaries, virtually and physically.

The content team was out in full force too, capturing images of the stunning cars on display.

Should you wish to learn more about what Collaborate can do for your virtual event drop us a message at or take a look at our own event click here.

Ollie and Jamie from Collaborate Smiling behind masks at Goodwood Speedweek