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creating alive

Before I started to write this article about our new Company proposition, I paused to reflect on the journey that brought us here.  “Wow, time really does fly when you’re having fun” – Collaborate was created by a true passion for this creative industry we call work, but has become much more than that in a very short time.

Built from a deep-rooted background in event production and a close connection to creative partners. We have developed the freedom to work with only the most engaging and creative brands whilst creating the environment to work with only the best project teams and industry professionals; Collaborate is quickly becoming a true alternative for like minded Collaborators and Clients.  

Due to the fast paced development of our business it was essential to re-look at our company’s proposition, creating an engaging and inclusive shop window that clearly demonstrates our capabilities and values. Allowing our personality to shine through in an honest and dynamic way we hope the new Website along with our new campaigns gives us an honest platform to engage with new Collaborators and Brands.

When I look at the sheer pace the world is moving, I’m quickly reminded that the work we do drives that ‘pace’.  In this industry we love so much there are brand activations and product launches happening around us virtually every day.  So, I admit, now it’s our turn to ‘shout from the rooftops’, it’s easy to forget the amazing feeling that happens when it’s your own story being told. The ‘Creating Alive’ headline for this article was designed to remind us of why we actually do what we do.  In fact, we felt so strongly about the role ‘Creating Alive’ plays, we’ve adopted this as our company promise.

I realised that the real value, in fact the whole point of doing what we all do, is to be able to celebrate special moments.  If you strip back all the gloss and marketing rhetoric, we’ve been genetically programmed over millions of years to react to sensory experiences – sometimes visual, sometimes tactile, but almost always overwhelmingly palpable.  When this happens, connectivity is perpetual, and engagement is accelerated.  Over the many centuries and despite the technology being used, this ‘feeling’ still resonates with us all as humans.

But I’ve always been a very firm believer that we are only as good as the work we do, and in our game, they can come thick and fast.  At Collaborate we focus on “Creating Alive”, it’s the  ‘what happens’ because of what we do that really inspires the Team.  Without these moments being created, captured, enjoyed and shared, then we’re simply making stuff.

“To our clients, business partners and collaborators, thanks for all your dedication and loyalty.  Here’s to CREATING ALIVE together.”

I’m really excited about what’s to come for our business, and we’d be delighted to share our journey with you.

Ben McMahon
Founder Collaborate Global