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How To Set Your Office Up Against Corona Virus

Collaborate has always focused and prided itself on how our teams have been supported to work remotely and securely, reducing wasted commuting time, associated environmental impacts and generating a strong work life balance by locating where they add the most value.

The recent impact on our core business due to COVID 19 has given us the opportunity to design and install our updated HQ office ensuring that we have created a functioning and COVID 19 compliant, creative community space.

New glass partitioned offices, with acoustic sealed glass closures allow for isolated workspaces for the team, whilst retaining communal areas and hot desks set up for social distanced working.

With video conference facilities in all rooms, state of the art lighting and sound proofing we feel we have adjusted to living with COVID 19 within our communal spaces. This was all designed, built and installed by our Collaborate team and key suppliers.

We have strict measures in place regarding cleaning, access controls and sanitisation, to enable us to still host the teams and clients in a convivial and creative space. Whilst our focus is on our staff and teams currently, we’d love to see you here in the not too distant future.

If we can help or offer advice to anyone else looking at getting their community spaces re-set for new working best practice then we are happy to share ideas.

The key things to take into account when setting up your office against Covid 19 are:

  • Can your staff work over 1m apart comfortably?
  • Do you have hand sanitiser available throughout the building?
  • Perspex or glass acts as a great partition wall
  • It is a good idea to set up reminders with your online shopping not to get too low on essential items
  • Have some nice, neat printed out signs to help direct people around the building

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