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business to employee (B2E) virtual events

why are B2E virtual events so important for businesses?


Camera crew filming a hybrid event

Virtual has been the word on the tip of everyone’s tongue this year and organisations are using this platform to reach their staff in order to engage, connect and share information in an interesting and exciting format.

There are only 9 Mondays until Christmas…  I know right! It is around this time of the year that most businesses will be distributing invitations to local cocktail bars and fun fancy dress parties for Nov / Dec time. Unfortunately we will all have to ‘skip a turn’ on Christmas parties this year, but that doesn’t mean that those staff who have put in extra time and effort to face the challenges this year shouldn’t be recognised and still feel engaged with the business they work for.
Whether it is a Christmas party, an award ceremony, end of year reviews or a look forward into 2021 vision conference the value of getting all staff in one place in a locked down world is invaluable

what is a B2E virtual event?

A similar concept to B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer), B2E (Business to Employee) is an approach that focusses on employees.

B2E virtual events take on the same construct and objective as a physical event, to connect a team or organisation together. To create a platform to talk from and update your team as a whole and to allow voices to be heard within that team.

how does B2E work?

Organisations are now, more often that not, equipped with intranets and specific in house software designed to make communication internally easier. So with the world working from home at the moment what we have missed is that interaction and engagement that goes beyond putting a notice on the intranet page.

It is important for companies to speak with their employees, to announce change, to allow them to be a part of the process and to keep people in the light about decisions being made within the business.

how B2E has changed in 2020

more than ever employees are experiencing a blackout from company communication. Organisations that span over Cities, Countries or even Continents usually rely on quarterly or annual conferences in order to reach out and engage with their staff in a level that is more personable than email.

Lockdown has forced everyone to stay at home, but that doesn’t mean that your organisation can’t still interact with its employees, past a mass ‘zoom call’.


Virtual Event Camera Crew

using a virtual conference to speak to staff

A virtual conference allows you to create a narrative, to tell a story and to increase efficiency and employee satisfaction. In a criss-cross world of emails and zoom calls, the benefit of getting all staff in one place for communication purposes can not be over-looked.

Consider Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends Survey, which involved more than 10,000 business leaders and HR managers from over 100 countries worldwide. In this survey, about 80% of respondents identified the experience of employees (at all levels) in the workplace as “important” or “very important.” Only 22% rated their company as “excellent” in this area.

Analyses like this are more helpful than theories in explaining why almost all companies are increasing their focus on B2E systems and platforms. The gap to fill is really wide.

Wrapping up, in the words of Elizabeth Dukes, co-founder of iOffice, who wrote: “The “employee” part of “employee experience” is important. You need their input. You don’t make assumptions about what your customers want in your product or service, right? Then don’t make assumptions about what your workforce wants or needs. Ask them what types of resources, technologies and spaces they believe are critical for success and then make sure they have them. No one knows how to upgrade the employee experience better than your employees themselves.” 

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