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10 tips for marketing a virtual event

10 tips for marketing a virtual event

This is a guest blog written by DIGITALDINOS for Collaborate Global looking at how to market your virtual event.

In this blog we break down 10 tips for you to use when marketing your virtual event. These are simple tools that you can look to implement immediately and can bring huge success in terms of new audiences for your virtual event. 

It’s Monday morning and your inbox is radiating red flags. The phone keeps ringing, your head is pounding… Woorp, woorp. And now the CEO’s on the phone: ‘Any progress on the virtual event?’
‘Oh, yes. The virtual event. All under control.’
‘Great! Just one thing. We’d like to open this up to a wider audience. Encourage other businesses to attend.  Can you create some marketing to promote it?’
If this sounds familiar then don’t despair. Whether it’s a meeting of minds or a conference for corporates, these ten tips will ensure your event is a success.

social media

Identify which channels your audience is likely to use. Linkedin is popular with business professionals as it provides a platform for networking, promotion and the sharing of good practice.
Marketers can promote events to different audiences through Pay Per Click advertising on Facebook and Google. Businesses can select their ideal customers from a range of categories (location, gender, age, etc) and target campaigns to these groups.
Create a suitable hashtag so followers can view all associated posts #MyVirtualEvent #business2021.

it’s okay to email

In the age of GDPR organisers are sometimes wary of emailing businesses details of their events. However there is no need to hesitate. Marketers can still email a business’ email address as long as they provide the recipient with a means to unsubscribe from any further communications.
Email marketing is effective when it’s managed properly. Create a professional email on Mailchimp by choosing from an array of templates. A well-designed email with a punchy message will attract a reader’s attention and encourage them to take action.

event page

 Create a landing page on your website so visitors can find out more. Include clear Call to Actions: BOOK YOUR TICKET TO OUR ONLINE EVENT BELOW. (Make sure you include a declaration at the bottom of the form explaining how this data will be processed. This will ensure GDPR compliance is maintained).

benefits of attending

What’s unique about your conference? Tell people the benefits of logging in rather than list the names of the speakers. (Award-winning CEO Jayne Lynch saved an ailing business in 6 months! She’ll share her expert tips with YOU so you can streamline your business processes and MAKE MORE MONEY).

video trailer

Share content from previous events to whet people’s appetite. Include a selection of vox pop testimonials. Edit these trailers down to 30-60 second clips and post on social media. Videos are popular on social platforms and receive high levels of engagement.
Post videos on social media in the days leading up to the event to create a sense of anticipation. This should also stimulate last minute registrations.


Include keywords in your content so that your event appears in Google’s search results. Use a keyword search tool such as UberSuggest, Moz or GoogleAds’ Keyword Planner (which are free) and you’ll find keywords that are relevant to your sector. Just don’t overload your copy with them! Not only will these spoil the flow of your writing, Google will penalise you too. Your website will appear LOWER down Google’s search results.

brand ambassadors

Encourage your speakers, partners and sponsors to promote the event through their social media platforms. If they represent a business with a communications department liaise with the team to promote the event through their channels.

host a private networking event

Create further value for your guests by hosting a networking session after the main event. This will enable you to build a sales funnel for future events. It may encourage some individuals to become brand ambassadors and contribute testimonials of their own.

the power of the press

Create a press release and distribute this to local newspapers and trade publications. Regional newspapers continue to attract thousands of readers when print and digital sales are combined. These brands include interesting stories on social media, too. If your story is published highlight this by thanking the paper. Use the hashtag #buyapaper and support regional journalism.

a/b testing

Test the effectiveness of your email campaigns by creating two different mailers. Did people open email A more than email B? Was the picture in email B more striking? Assess the reasons for this popularity so any insights can be fed into future campaigns.

extra tip

If you’d like some extra marketing support we highly recommend the team at DigitalDinos. As Hampshire’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency, these friendly experts will support you each step of the way.
To reach out to the guys at Digital Dinos you can visit their site here 
To get in touch with Collaborate about your next event contact us here